I was considering the way water at speed, can carry sand ...
A snippet from graphicmatt.substack.com's March 15, 2021 issue of "City Hall Watcher" a subcription e-newsletter
Content is property of The Toronto Star.
Content is property of The Toronto Star.
Reality check from an owner of a LA funeral home; the story from the street.
Neocon social contract revelled.
Liberals love to appear correct - but will they Act against their donors interests?
Vancouver did it - why can't we?
Yet Progressives like Ro Khanna & In These Times magazine (?!?) are being swept up in the hysteria pumped up by NSA/Pentagon bot nets.
Congress Cares Act stimulus bill paid owners while workers are still waiting for promised 'Christmas' Covid help.
Yet the Ontario nuclear lobby is serious. Sign the Petition - tell Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to focus on reduce, solar, wind & cheap hydro from…
With no evidence of unrest, this deployment is unprecedented.